Amazon cover Amir, a second grader at Jefferson Elementary has had enough of the school bully, Frankie. He’s just not going to take it anymore! Amir and his classmates have been bullied by Frankie for far too long and they are ready to do something about it. Amir cannot walk around the school building without running into Frankie. If he has to go home one more day with a ripped shirt or with missing homework pages that Frankie has ripped out and thrown everywhere, Amir will scream. When the second graders learn what is really happening at their school, will it change their minds about Frankie? Will Amir be able to teach a valuable lesson about bullying to everyone at Jefferson Elementary?

Frankie is always looking for trouble and he finds it every time with Amir and his friends. He doesn’t mean to be so mean but just can’t help himself. Frankie is only doing to Amir what he sees everyone at school doing to each other. There is something behind Frankie’s mean streak alright, and it’s something big. It’s something that’s been shaking up Jefferson Elementary for a long time.

Meet the young children of Jefferson Elementary as they sort through the cycle of bullying, the overpowering emotion of anger, and the gratifying experience of positive problem solving.

About The Illustrator

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Christopher Fabor Muhammad -Artist, Educator, Social Entrepreneur

“My talent in art was discovered in my early childhood. The first time I really believed that I had something in my hands was when I first began writing my name with an unusual craft that astonished my relatives.”

Founder of Creative Force, Inc. (, Christopher overcame the challenging environment of an upbringing in an urban city housing development in Paterson, New Jersey to achieve great success in art and in building the minds of young people through education. He believes in cultivating the inner gifts that human beings innately possess. Christopher has done this through his work as an elementary school art teacher in Paterson Public Schools in New Jersey; and by providing a variety of creative, expressive, and cultural programs in his afterschool program, Creative Force Alliance for Education through Arts & Culture. He has also worked for several years at Paterson’s YMCA as a life skills counselor for teenage youth in child protective services. As a result of passion, dedication and hard work Christopher was honored with the New Jersey’s Governor’s 2005 Teacher of the Year Award and Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers both in 2005 and in 2006.

As a visual artist, Christopher’s impeccable ability to capture the realness of life and love as represented on canvas is matched by none. A short sit down in his New Jersey studio forces one to absorb the energy exuding from the larger than life paintings and drawings representing love, urban life, the innocence of children, sports admiration, and many more themes. Christopher has showcased his work at locations and in publications near and far including the Annual Art Walk in Paterson New Jersey, New Jersey Bar Association Art Exhibit, N.O.I. Historic Art Exhibit in Chicago; and featured on the cover of Youth Creation, an internationally distributed magazine. Christopher’s work is also featured in several large murals in community centers and schools in his community.

Enough of Frankie Already! is his first book illustration and features copic markers on vellum.

Christopher holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts in New Jersey. He received additional training at two renowned institutions in New York City, the Ophelia DeVore School of Charm and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He holds a Master of Arts in Educational Administration from Caldwell College in New Jersey .